Information Technology Services: Wireless Network

Welcome! If you are connected to the "Instructions-for-Eduroam" wifi network on campus, you can reach only this site, which has instructions for connecting to Simon's Rock's secure "eduroam" wifi network. You must connect to eduroam to access the internet, campus printing, or any other services. (After you are connected to eduroam, this page is available at wireless.simons-rock.edu. )

All users of the Simon's Rock network must abide by the campus network Acceptable Use Policy.

Getting Connected

To automatically configure your system to connect to our Eduroam wireless network, please download and run the appropriate installer for your system from the list below. As the installer runs, it will prompt you for your Simon's Rock user name, including the domain @simons-rock.edu, and your Simon's Rock password.

Note: Although you can just select "eduroam" and enter your username and password to get an initial connection, most OSes will have a more stable connection if you use the installer to provide the proper server certificates. Links to detailed instructions for each OS installer are in the menu at the left.

After the installer finishes, select and join the "eduroam" network in your list of wireless networks. Next, delete your saved connection for the "Instructions-for-Eduroam" network so that your system will only use "eduroam".

Detailed Instructions

For more details on connecting a particular device, with screen shots, please select the appropriate operating system from the sidebar. Once you have successfully authenticated to the eduroam SSID, you will no longer be automatically directed to this page.

Manual Setup

If the automated installer does not work for you, please follow these basic instructions, or select your device from the list at the left for more detailed instructions.

  1. Select the wireless network with SSID eduroam.
  2. When prompted, enter your Simon's Rock user name, including the domain @simons-rock.edu
  3. Enter your Simon's Rock password
  4. On most systems, the first time you connect, you will be prompted to confirm the identity of our authentication server: pi.simons-rock.edu. Accept the certificate for this server. NOTE: Do not connect to any eduroam network that offers any other server certificate. The certificate for pi.simons-rock.edu is the only confirmation that you are joining an authentic eduroam network, and sending your password to our server.
  5. After you have completed the steps above, your device should be online. If you save these settings, your device should connect automatically to the eduroam network at Simon's Rock and on any other eduroam campus.

Background Information

Simon's Rock has a private wireless network in select areas around campus, for use by faculty, staff, and students. Accessing the network requires a Simon's Rock username and password, or network credentials from a particpating eduroam institution. (Eduroam guest users authenticate to their home institutions via the Simon's Rock network, using their existing network settings.)

This network uses WPA2-Enterprise wireless security, an implementation of the IEEE 802.1X standard for secure connections. Simon's Rock uses PEAP/MSCHAPv2 as our primary authentication scheme; most devices can automatically detect and use this protocol. Simon's Rock also supports TTLS/PAP authentication.


Simon's Rock is part of the eduroam shared network for higher education. The global SSID "eduroam" is used by all eduroam member colleges and universities around the world. Once you have configured your system for the Simon's Rock eduroam network, you will be able to connect securely and automatically on the campus of any eduroam member institution. Similarly, users from other campuses can connect securely when they visit Simon's Rock. More information about eduroam, including a map of member campuses, is available at the eduroam-US site.